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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for a team building experience?

Our events are tailored to the customer and the cost depends on the location, length, and possible expenses. Please call us and we will be more than happy to quote you a great event.

How long are your team building experiences?

Each team building experience is different and we adopt to the needs of the customer. We found that most of our clients want an experience that is about 90 minutes in length. We can do longer and shorter.

What’s the cost per person for the personal defense class?

The cost depends on the location and the size of the group. We can do a price per person or a group price. Please call or reach out to us and we will provide a quote for you.

How long is the Personal Defense Class?

The class is usually around 4-5 hours in length. If that is too long, we can split the class up and spread it over multiple time slots. We can also provide a shorter altered version and fit it to the time budget you have.