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Our staff is backed by 50+ years of professional experience in U.S. Military, U.S. Intelligence and general business.


Arno was born and raised in the Netherlands and immigrated to the United States at around age 30. Arno is a father, a cancer survivor and a God-fearing man. He holds a civil engineering degree, an MBA and is fluent in 3 languages. Arno has worked for small and large organizations. He has done sales, engineering, finance, management and his latest adventure was working for the United States Intelligence Community. Arno is no stranger to overcoming tough challenges and lives with the motto: “It is better to be trusted than to be loved.”

Ty Foster

Ty Foster is son of god, husband and father, serving the world as a podcast host, Fortune 500 speaker, Best-Selling Author and Lifetime student of wisdom. Ty is a Gold Star Kid, a term reserved for children who have lost a parent to combat. On May 17, 1987, an Iraqi fighter jet fired two missiles into the USS Stark, killing 37 sailors. Vernon Foster, Sr, Ty’s father, was among that number. Ty Foster is the picture of resilience. Ty suffered, endured and even thrived in spite of fatherlessness, but Ty has emerged with a coherent picture of where he was and where he is now.
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