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Level 1: Recruit

Be recruited and start your journey to a new you. All participants will learn to recognize their strengths and values to the organization while participating in the interactive workshop. Learn to identify your strengths and blind spots as it applies to what they do.

Level 2: Agent

Train harder and double effort like an agent. Effectiveness of an organization is only as good as its people. This workshop takes the role of the recruit to the level of an agent by teaching each participant responsibility, accountability, and innovation. Increase productivity through purpose!

Level 3: Chief

Handle yourself like a chief, learn the full cycle and develop your own chief credo. Participants will learn how to inspire motivation and change in their organization all while remaining an individual in a team setting. This workshop includes all the principles from the recruit and agent and adds the new skills of a chief. Stand up and stand out!

Level 4: Custom

Not all are made alike, but principles due fit all. Custom, creative programs to fit the need of your team or built on former training.
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