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Overcoming Deep False and Limiting Beliefs

By May 13, 2019Uncategorized
Overcoming Deep False and Limiting Beliefs

False beliefs, false traditions and unbelief are the enemies of your personal progress. They blind and halt your development and stop you from living your true purpose. Since birth you have been bombarded by these enemies, and with no fault on those propagating them as they were just passing on what was given to them. Your parents handed down traditions they have learned and were handed down, schools teach you to prepare for the world as they understand it, churches and other organizations do the same and you are left to sort it all out. Who can you trust and where can you find answers to the big questions in life?

For those that have siblings, you might be familiar with the term “hand-me-downs”. A younger sibling doesn’t get the new cloths, but gets to use the clothes of the older sibling. This makes great sense when budgets are tight and families are large. But what if I tell you the same goes for beliefs and habits. It is interesting to hear adolescents talk and share their beliefs, especially when you are familiar with their parents. Sometimes you can just hear the parent talk through their child.


Handing down information can be great of course, but we might have picked up some things that aren’t really true or that serve our best interests. The older we become the more grounded we are in those beliefs as they settle. It is important that you challenge your belief system and start creating what you want. Throughout your entire life you have been educated or even indoctrinated by others that simply handed down beliefs and you took them to be true. If it is true or not, that doesn’t even matter. What matters is that you believe it and therefore your reality has incorporated that belief.

What kinds of beliefs am I talking about? Well here are a few:

  • In order to make more money, I have to work harder
  • I have to have a college degree to make serious money
  • Seeing is believing
  • I have a disability and therefore can’t
  • Success before happiness
  • I can’t change because of my culture
  • I must keep traditions
  • That’s just the way I am

Are any of these beliefs familiar to you? If so, they might need to be challenged. Are you ready for some change and are you willing to challenge some of your beliefs, even the deep-rooted ones? Book us and let us coach you to overcome the limiting beliefs you unwittingly carry.


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